Appearances at World-Renowned Global Technology & Leadership Events

July 2018

San Diego, CA

The Digital Retail Transformation Summit

Millennium Live Interview

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Millennium Live Interview at The Digital Retail Transformation Summit: CEO of Contentstack, Neha Sampat chats with Nick Peacock-Smith Director of Educational Partnerships at The Millennium Alliance. 

April 2018

Denver, CO

University of Denver Leadership Speaker Series

10 Leadership Lessons I Didn't Learn at University

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Each year University of Denver Leadership students attend formal presentations by renowned leaders. By sharing their experiences, these individuals offer key insight into the practical application of leadership theory and the skills and tools of effective leaders. Among others, past speakers have included former U.S. Secretary of StateColin Powell, former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and CEO of Chick-fil-A Truett Cathy. Neha was chosen as the first alum to present as part of this distinguished speaker series.

    November 2017

    Barcelona, Spain

    Gartner Symposium & IT Expo

    6 Industries Being Transformed By AR, VR & Mixed Reality

    About the Conference

    As far as technology trends go, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are some of the hottest topics around. Developers are busy building flashy and innovative AR & VR solutions, many of which are powered by APIs and microservices. This session discusses the most exciting early developments and technologies that will make AR / VR useful for business.

    November 2017

    Live on Hangouts

    Live Interview on DisrupTV

    DisrupTV Episode 84: E.J. Kenney, Neha Sampat, Jon Reed

    About the Episode

    DisrupTV is a weekly Web series with hosts R "Ray" Wang and Vala Afshar. The audience can expect A-list guests, the latest enterprise news, hot startups, insight from influencers, and much more.

    October 2017

    Carmel, CA

    Founder’s Network fnSummit 2017

    Leads Champagne Sabrage Opening Ceremony

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    Female tech founder & certified sommelier Neha Sampat leads a champagne opening ceremony.  In this fun and interactive workshop, learn how to open a champagne bottle with a sword - a key survival skill to navigating the ups and downs of founderhood! As Napolean once said, "Champagne! In victory one deserves it; in defeat one needs it."

    October 2017

    San Francisco

    RingCentral Connect 2017

    Innovating for the Future of the Digital Enterprise

    About the Session

    Cloud technology has become so influential in our lifetime, it’s difficult to imagine a world without it. It’s disrupted the enterprise app landscape, impacting how we store, integrate, secure, and leverage information—and we’re only on the brink of this evolution. In this panel discussion, tech innovators will talk about the latest enterprise cloud app developments and how this is core to enabling the digital workplace.

    September 2017

    San Jose, CA

    Main Stage Keynote at API World 2017

    6 Industries About To Be Transformed By AR, VR And APIs

    About the Keynote

    Join 3,000 Executives, Engineers, and Entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley in the world's largest vendor neutral conference on APIs and Integration. This session will discuss the most exciting early developments and technologies that will make AR / VR useful for business.

    September 2017

    San Francisco, CA

    Founders Network Fall Panel

    Key Considerations for Scaling Up Your Startup from Expert Founders

    Panel Overview

    Learn how to scale your product, your team and your customer base from expert panelists.

    July 2017

    Atlanta, GA

    SEAT 2017 (Sports and Entertainment Alliance in Technology)

    Mapping Your Digital Journey to the Future

    About the Conference

    A gathering of over 800 Industry Global Leaders for the 11th Annual SEAT (Sports and Entertainment Alliance in Technology) Americas Conference & Event. This panel, comprising SportsTech thought leaders from the Sacramento Kings, Miami HEAT, Built.io and BeyondCurious explores the ways sports franchises are using cutting edge technologies to create connected, digital experiences for their fans.

    March 2016

    Austin, TX

    Female Founders Fast Tracking to $100M at SXSW 2016

    Panel Overview

    Successful women entrepreneurs discuss secrets to fast growth on their journey $100M+ in revenue with a global focus.

    March 2016

    San Francisco

    Enterprise Development Workshops | Opportunities During the Digital Transformation

    Panel Overview
    Enterprise Development Workshop

    At the Enterprise Development Workshop, enterprise developers, IT professionals and executives across all industries will gather for a half-day of innovative sessions and networking. Panelists will address how companies can stay ahead of the industry curve by reimagining their products and services, changing the culture of legacy companies, adopting the best practices of mobile app development, and educating the workforce they will depend on.

    March 2016

    Austin, TX

    Startup Breakfast with USPTO at SXSW 2016

    Panel Overview

    Join Washington, DC, the cities of Alexandria & Arlington, VA., and the USPTO for this Startup Partnership Breakfast to discuss how intellectual property protection can fit into a startup strategy and available resources with key startup community leaders and U.S. government officials.

    December 2015


    API Days Paris | Bold Predictions for the 2016 API Economy

    Keynote Speaker

    From citizen integrators to CEOs, the API economy will have an impact on every role in any business. Join Built.io CEO Neha Sampat, as she shares her forward-thinking perspectives on the “democratization of integration” and top predictions for 2016 in the API space. Neha will reflect on the industry wisdom she has cultivated through building a mobile Backend-as-a-Service (mBaaS), and working day to day with companies to help them find success at the crossroads between mobile, web and the Internet of Things (IoT). As Fortune 500 companies and governments around the world are looking to provide a new generation of realtime, engaging experiences at this critical intersection, what will 2016 look like?

    November 2015


    API Strategy & Practice Conference

    Keynote Speaker

    The forward-thinking conversations that Built.io and Neha Sampat are having with enterprises trying to design one step ahead of business and consumer and community demand, reflect the types of conversations we look to stimulate at APIStrat. We are honored to have her as part of the opening lineup in Austin this November.

    September 2015

    Santa Clara

    IoT Integration Summit, Integrate 2015

    Closing Keynote: Connected Life & The Future Of Integration

    Welcome to the closing keynote dedicated to catching a glimpse of what the future holds for the world of integration. With the help of integration specialist Built.io, Integrate 2015 unveils some of the most ambitious integration initiatives ever to be undertaken across industries. Get inspired by these unprecedented integration use cases — from the US Department of Transportation to the Sacramento Kings — and leave with a roadmap to start participating in the world of integration.

    July 2015

    Santa Carla

    Connected Car Apps

    IoT Influencers Summit Presented by APPNATION

    Panel Overview

    This deep-dive session for current and prospective connected car app developers will dig-in to the rapidly evolving connected car ecosystem and highlight where the current and emerging app development are — and will be.

    July 2015

    San Francisco

    Why the Internet of Things Looms Large in the Future of Your Business

    BDO, An Event for Senior Level Executives

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the economic equation again. IoT represents the convergence of existing, proven technologies, so it’s already here. The Internet of Things is much more than a concept of how we live but how a 24X7 “always on” global marketplace affects business sustainability. The open question is how individual businesses will leverage the IoT.

    May 2015

    San Francisco

    Driving Innovation with the Internet of Things

    Apps World & IoT World

    Panel Overview

    This session will address the Internet of Things space and how brands can take advantage of this trend to develop closer connections to consumers in new, scalable and effective ways.

    May 2015

    San Diego

    CEO Panel: What It Takes To Build Apps That Matter

    Mobility xChange Summit

    Panel Overview

    What tools are required? Do you need mobile app development platforms, mobile middleware, MBaaS, analytics or other types of tools? Our panel of industry experts will address these and other concerns related to the mobile application lifecycle.

    May 2015

    San Francisco

    Connecting the Internet of Things

    Wearable World Congress

    Panel Overview

    Even the most conservative growth figures predict a massive increase in the number of connected devices. What obstacles need to be overcome in order to connect billions of new devices to the network and organize their data and information so that they can communicate with each other seamlessly? Hear from the companies building the infrastructure that supports the explosive growth of the Internet of Things.

    March 2015

    San Francisco

    March 2015


    University Mobile Challenge

    Applied Innovation Institute & UC Berkeley

    Mobile World Congress

    February 2015

    San Francisco


    Girl DevWeek’s “All In It Together”

    DevWeek SF

    November 2014

    Half Moon Bay, California

    November 2014

    San Francisco State University

    Tips & Advice for Aspiring Business Leaders

    Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity

    Alpha Kappa Psi

    October 2013

    San Francisco

    Girls in Tech: The Importance of Diversity in Tech

    GMIC 2013

    With Co-Panelists Sharon Vosmek, Megan Quinn, Laura Slezinger, and Kimberly Bryant