Neha Sampat

This is a Story of a Born Entrepreneur

Neha took everything she learned from her childhood entrepreneurial pursuits and applied, evolved and grew...all the way to becoming a three-time tech founder and CEO. She is currently Founder and CEO at Contentstack, a leading Composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP) provider.

Neha's mission is to open pathways so others can dream, build, and lead.

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Neha is Not Much like Other Tech CEOs

She's non-technical, known for creating happy cultures and great places to work, and tirelessly works to achieve equity

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Contentstack empowers marketers and developers to deliver composable digital experiences at the speed of their imagination through automated headless CMS technology,” Sampat said via email. “Composable architectures ensure that enterprises can innovate swiftly, deploy new features rapidly, and remain agile in the face of digital disruption. Nobody gets ‘stuck’ with monolithic systems that don’t grow with the business or the world.
Neha, TechCrunch

Neha's Passions


From the practical to the inspirational, Neha's mission is to help others dream, build, and lead.

Achieving Equity

Whether it's through hiring, recruiting and retention practices, DEI industry pledges, podcasting, speaking engagements, or angel investing, Neha is a changemaker.

Management and Culture

Neha's focus is on building an accountable, values-based organization, even as it scales.

Future of Content

At the heart of Neha's tech work is democratizing technology so marketing and IT departments can collaborate on a shared vision and deliver value for customers.

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