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Candid conversations between trailblazing women that will change the way you see success, purpose, and what it takes to bridge the two. Hosted by Neha Sampat, three-time tech founder and CEO known for building successful companies that are great places to work. She's also a sommelier so expect some wine education, too.
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September 202132:2529.7 MB

Keep Adding Strings to your Bow: Nat Gross, VP, Head of Brand Strategy, of EPAM


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August 202134 Min46.8 MB
Democratizing Access to Education: Komal Dadlani, CEO and Co-founder of Lab4U

Neha speaks with Komal Dadlani, CEO and co-founder of Lab4U, about democratizing access to education and pursuing entrepreneurship for social good.

July 202142:4039.1 MB
Opening the Door Wider: Cindy Padnos, Founder & Managing Partner of Illuminate Ventures

Neha speaks with Cindy Padnos, founder and Managing Partner of Illuminate Ventures, about resilience, the ins and outs of VC, and “opening the door wider” in tech.

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June 202129:4427.3 MB
Self Actualization: Breanne Acio, Founder and CEO of Sēkr

Neha speaks with Breanne Acio, founder and CEO of Sēkr, about entrepreneurship, raising capital, and making dreams a reality.

May 202142:4778.4 MB
Owning your Value: with Neha Sampat of GenLead/BelongLab

Neha speaks with namesake Neha Sampat, founder and CEO of GenLead/BelongLab about owning your value, belonging, and inclusion. Also...decades worth of mistaken identity.

April 202132:4860.1 MB
You Always Have Something to Give: Heather Combs and Jennifer Ives of 3Pillar Global

Neha speaks with Heather Combs and Jennifer Ives, friends and colleagues at 3Pillar Global and creators of the EmpowerHER women's leadership initiative. The conversation centers around friendship, paving a path forward, and the principles of leadership, including that we all always have something to give.