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Neha's tone is expert and open, curious and optimistic. If you're looking for someone to educate and inspire in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Management and Culture, Achieving Equity, and the Future of Tech, Neha fits the mold. And, hey, if you want to talk wine, that will also work.

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Thank you so much Neha Sampat for leading a truly inspiring and informative salon on startups to scaleups. During this session, Neha discussed the key differences between a startup and scale-up organizations, and she described the two distinct phases of company growth.
Coco Brown
CEO, Athena Alliance

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September 2021Austin, TX
How We Got Our First 100 Customers at Contentstack and The Challenges of Growing a 100+ Person Team

Neha speaks with Nathan Latka and details how she scaled Contentstack from a startup to the global company it is today. 

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September 2021
Athena Alliance Salon: From StartUp to ScaleUp

Neha discusses the key differences between startup and scale-up organizations, and describes the two distinct phases of company growth.

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June 2021
IMPACT USA: How to Build a Company Culture

Neha was invited to speak to a group of 12 French SaaS B2B startup founders on the importance of building a strong company culture and how to create camaraderie amongst a geographically diverse team while scaling. 

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